The wind is a clean, free and readily available renewable energy source. Wind turbines allow us to harness the power of the wind and turn it into energy. When the wind blows the turbines blades spin clockwise capturing energy. Wind power generation has been playing an incredible role in the energy renewable sector.

At Greenstone energy our Wind power solutions range from single turbine installations to large wind farms. Our approach to wind projects maximises flexibility and cost effectiveness.


  • Energy Reduced Costs
    The cost of wind as an energy solution is now the cheapest form of a new power generation.

  • Energy Sustainability
    The wind turbine operation does not directly emit C02 emissions or greenhouse gases. Wind energy is plentiful, readily available and capturing its power does not deplete our valuable natural resource.

  • A Domestic Source Of Energy
    The supply of wind is an abundant and inexhaustible source of energy.

  • Low Operating Costs
    Once wind farms or turbines are up and running, their operating costs are relatively low, their fuel (wind) is free and their turbines don’t require too much maintenance over the course of their lifetime. Wind power can be generated throughout the day and is not reliant on sunlight hours.

Is wind  power solutions the right option for you?

Wind as an energy source is only practical in areas that have strong and steady winds. In addition Wind power solutions require large tracts of land.

Our Renewable Energy Solutions

Solar Photo-Voltaic (PV)

Utilizing our greatest resource – The Sun. Our solar solutions help turn the free radiant heat from the Sun into significant power savings.

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Hybrid Gas-Solar Systems

A hybrid system combines two or more sources of energy, in order to provide an efficient, and cost effective energy solution.

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Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) involves the use of waste heat emitted from the gas engine and repurposes it back into the manufacturing process.

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Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Batteries are by far the most common way to store solar energy. Solar storage utilizes batteries to increase the efficiency of solar energy solutions.

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The wind is a clean, free and readily available renewable energy source. Greenstone Energy wind power solution ranges range to single turbine …

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Solar Thermal

While solar PV panels produce electricity, solar thermal panels capture heat, which is then used to reduce electrical power requirements and costs.

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Utilise renewable energy generated at an off-site solar farm via the existing Eskom/Muncipality grid infrastructure.

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Renewable Energy Certificates (REC)

Reduce your carbon emissions via purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (REC)

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