Being a fully self-funded entity allows Greenstone Energy to move quickly from approval to execution of projects without the requirement to apply for, and secure bank or alternatively sourced loans. Greenstone Energy offers fully flexible methods of funding projects based on each client’s requirements and financial ability.

  • Greenstone funded model

    Greenstone funds the entire installation with NO CAPITAL requirement from the client. In this model, the entire energy system is paid for by Greenstone Energy, and the client is not required to pay towards the design, building, construction, and installation of the system. In this model, the servicing, maintenance and operations is the responsibility of Greenstone Energy for the full period of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Greenstone Energy also takes liability to restore and replace any defective or broken equipment. At the end of the PPA, the system installed transfers to the ownership of the client.

  • Customised funding model

    Greenstone and client agree on a flexible funding model that meets the requirements of the client. This model works for clients that want to buy-out their energy system sooner, rather than wait for the entire period of the PPA to expire. The client can indicate their wish to buy their energy system annually prior to the agreed upon date of tariff increases.

  • Client funded model

    The client pays for the energy system and buys it outright from the onset. The cost and ownership of the system transfers immediately to the client with no PPA required. In this model, the client may request an add-on servicing and maintenance contract for purchase system which Greenstone Energy can provide.

  • Greenstone JV funded model

    Greenstone and client both fund the installation of energy system resulting in lower cost of utility during the lifecycle of the PPA. Depending on the level of investment from the client, the amount obtained from a JV model is split monthly between the client and Greenstone Energy on a fair share basis based on the percent funding that the client has put up.

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